advancing your career

GuideMe Services

SESi Group is a parent company to GuideMe. GuideMe is a resource based company that provides services for people in need of the guidance and resources needed to advance your career.

Résumé Support

Does your résumé accurately represent you? Are you getting to the next stage in job search? Do you find it difficult to self-analyse yourself?

LinkedIn Assistance

LinkedIn by recruiters and employers is a significant useful tool. Get help with your LinkedIn Profile so that you stand out more getting more views.

Cover Letter Help

Cover Letters show employers why you are the right fit. Our years of experience allows us to understand what these employers want to hear.

Outplacement Advisory

Are you egger to get back into the workforce, our services and perspective can help you get the confidence and resources you need to be prepared for your next step.

Career Advisory

Are you in a difficult situation in your current career and thinking of a change we can help.