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SESi GROUP and GuideMe are in joint collaboration providing resource based services to people in need of career guidance and expertise. 
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Through years of experience in high ranking areas of management and decades of experience in recruiting we understand what is necessary to create a functional team. We know what it takes to be successful in a modern corporate world, we know the importance of culture in making a team cohesive and we are able to easily identify the skills and attributes needed to work efficiently in a competitive market.

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A sample and example of the qualities and skills that we as a company bring to a recruitment partnership from the opinions of past and present colleagues. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Denise on a number of occasions. Her ability to cut through to core business needs and requirements and to get results that fit is second to none. I have always found Denise to be exceptionally professional and focused when on assignment. Denise respects my time through the process and only adds and presents value."
 "I have known Denise for over 20 years, initially working together as colleagues, and lately utilising SESi Group's services, whilst in my role as EGM at Fuji Xerox. I have always known Denise to be a driven professional, and as the Managing Partner at SESi she continues to exhibit the professional behaviours required to deliver great results. I have no hesitation in recommending Denise."
"I have known Denise for more than a decade. My experience with recruiters is typically "ho-hum", but not with Denise. She is lighting fast responsive, finds candidates no-one else can and knows the sectors in which she operates intimately. If you want someone who is no-nonsense, action oriented and get results you can't go past Denise."
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Here are some questions that we get asked frequently that may give you more clarity with our services.

A good recruiting partner knows the market, understands the client and their pain points and mitigates the client’s and candidates risks by matching skills, talent, culture and mutual goals.

By being a buffer between client and candidate, information flows more freely and provides a more open and consultative approach.

A good process is one where everyone sees value in the engagement. The client can feel confident that we are clear, doing the right thing in an honest, trustworthy and professional manner. The candidate feels valued, understood and trusts that the process will be respectful and transparent.

 Good candidates come from various sources including referral, reputation in the industry, direct approach for help or by tapping someone with the right skills on the shoulder with an opportunity. 

Mitigating risk is a primary objective. By doing good due diligence, shepherding the client and candidate through the process, being forthright and transparent, good outcomes come about.

Our business focuses on mid to senior level roles. We are a boutique Search and Selection business with a strong track record of longevity and success. We have worked across various verticals over the years with a particular focus on ICT.  We provide talent across Sales, Management Marketing, Technical Specialists and Operations.

We add value by being the trusted advisor, partner and consultant across all aspects of your business. We help you find the best talent, resources and market information available. 

advancing your career

GuideMe Services

SESi Group is a parent company to GuideMe. GuideMe is a resource based company that provides services for people in need of the guidance and resources needed to advance your career.

Résumé Support

Does your résumé accurately represent you? Are you getting to the next stage in job search? Do you find it difficult to self-analyse yourself?

LinkedIn Assistance

LinkedIn by recruiters and employers is a significant useful tool. Get help with your LinkedIn Profile so that you stand out more getting more views.

Cover Letter Help

Cover Letters show employers why you are the right fit. Our years of experience allows us to understand what these employers want to hear.

Outplacement Advisory

Are you egger to get back into the workforce, our services and perspective can help you get the confidence and resources you need to be prepared for your next step.

Career Advisory

Are you in a difficult situation in your current career and thinking of a change we can help.

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