At SESI Group we have established our reputation our ability to source the best talent recruiter in the market no matter where it resides. With our extensive network we are able to tap into not only the Australian market but regional and international talent as well. We leave no stone unturned in identifying and approaching the right people for the client.

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Talent Mapping:

Talent Mapping

Being proactive is highly desirable particularly with hard to find talent. At SESI Group we use our professional resourcers to identify organisational talent both internally and externally and provide our clients with a cost effective service that charts the pool of potential candidates. The benefit of this approach to our clients is the ability to quickly find and acquire the best potential candidates in their particular area of expertise.

Search and Selection:

Our extensive database and knowledge markets make it possible for our clients to have access to a range of candidates across a breadth of industries. We are positioned to provide exceptional service with great agility in targeted Search assignments. Our aim is to bring what is often a prolonged effort down to a very efficient and time consuming experience to a more timely and effective outcome. Additionally, we use well placed advertisement to attract the more passive job seekers.


Coaching and Mentoring:

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Through our partnership in GuideMe and in conjunction with Orijen, we are able to provide a accredited professional coaching and mentoring programs to both corporate clients and individuals. Our programs are tailored to bring best of breed results for senior executives. Additionally, we provide services for career development and career life-cycle planning at all stages of a clients working life.

Career Transition Services:

In addition to our accredited Coaching and Mentoring services and as a value add to our career development program, SESI Group provides a comprehensive career transition service (see Transition Portal). This can include assisting with effective resume construction, behavioural competency interview coaching and psychometric testing by a qualified psychologist to assist in identifying strengths and helping the individual transition into their new opportunity.

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